Steve Sunenblick Featured in the Portland Press Herald

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Thank you Portland Press Herald for the wonderful feature article "Stephen Sunenblick TEES IT UP"

"The idea probably first occurred to Stephen Sunenblick back in the late 1990s. He was bound for a month-long residency at the Vermont Studio Center to immerse himself in his painting, with no distractions.

But before he went to Vermont, he got together with a bunch of his buddies for a golf vacation in Rangeley.

As Sunenblick remembers it, they hit balls long and straight for several days and reveled in the camaraderie of men at play without a care in the world aside from their golf scores.

As his buddies returned to their workaday lives, Sunenblick -- then a practicing Portland lawyer -- sauntered over to Vermont for his art residency. Almost certainly, during those long and satisfying weeks in the studio, his mind wandered back to the lush fairways and forgiving greens."  Read the full article- Click Here


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