About the Artist

At the Member- Member tournament which Steven won with partner Marc Miller (retired physician). The tournament is one of the four annual “majors” at the Woodlands.

Internationally renowned artist Steve Sunenblick brings his keen sense of color, texture and wit to these collections of contemporary art focused around the lifestyle, camaraderie and love for golf. Bold, striking colors and whimsical forms integrate and play across Sunenblick’s canvas to create unique glimpses of the many facets of golf. Art of Golf is excited to present its new collection for those intrigued by the nuances of the game and to art lovers everywhere. If you are interested in the original works themselves for purchase please contact the artist.

Respected Portland, Maine artist and avid golfer, Steve Sunenblick is proud to introduce a group of contemporary works inspired by golf and the lively camaraderie that is part of the game. Art of Golf offers these paintings as limited edition archival prints, numbered and signed by the artist.

Steve Sunenblick is an award-winning artist with studios in Portland, Maine and San Miguel, Mexico. An avid, nine-handicap golfer, Steve has chosen to combine two of his avocations into a series of whimsical, imaginative paintings which capture many of the joys and frustrations of the challenging world of golf.

Having received his BFA from the Maine College of Art in 1984, Steve has exhibited his work frequently in Portland including several gallery exhibits at Le Galeyrie in Falmouth, Maine. In addition, Steve was selected for the 2006 juried Biennial for the Maine Center for Contemporary Art.