"Artwork taking shape and really creating that wow that we are looking for."
BAŞ MÜDİR - General Manager


"Well you had me curious! And, I think you are nothing short of brilliant. I do not take to much and find your paintings lyrical, light, mysterious and totally captivating. You are humble to say the least….a painter! And much more. I love the humor and colors, gosh can not say enough. Like Miro, Picasso, Degas all rolled into one. (my personal favorites)" - Kelly

"The 12th Annual Manchester Community Center Classic at the Essex County Club was a tremendous fundraising success. The golf committee was fortunate to have selected Art of Golf to be a partner in providing unique gifts for golfers, as well as several signed and framed prints for auction. We found it a pleasure working together to introduce more golfers to modern art related to a sport we all love...a win/win for everyone!" - David Crosby, M.C.C. Golf Committee, Manchester, MA


"We always give our senior partners a special piece of art as a thank you. i didn't think we could surpass what we gave last year until I saw Steve's work. It's vibrant and exciting and all our sponsors will be proud to display in their offices. Steve's art is a first class expression of the love of the game." - Martha Lentz, President, Harmony Institute Golf Invitational, Harmony, FL


"Although my husband Bob, for whom I bought "Golf Bags #2" as a gift, is usually responsive only to strictly representational art, he immediately fell in love with this print, as did the rest of the family. It hangs in a prominent place in our living room where we very much enjoy seeing it every day. We are very grateful to Steve for being the amazing artist that he is and for having this treasure in our household." - Sallie Tasto, Palo Alto, CA


"I framed prints for my husband's office, which is being remodeled. He's an attorney who plays golf anytime he can (he actually may be a golfer who practices law when he has to). Many of his partners have golf course pictures in their offices but my husband didn't want to duplicate his partners. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I came across Steve's website. I think his work is striking, unusual and beautiful...so does my husband!" - Sharon Maxfield, Strongsville, OH


"The golf ball is rolling...and it's getting more exciting. Wow. I'm glad the Desert Golf and Travel Show captured your interest before Steve's work becomes a "must have" for the entire golf and golfers' community." - Linda Schonwald, Director, Desert Golf and Travel Show, Palm Springs, CA